VENTURA Cruise Ship Arrives at Port of Santander

Today, the Port of Santander welcomed the majestic VENTURA cruise ship, bringing with it approximately 3000 travelers ready to embark on a memorable journey. Departing from Southampton and bound for Vigo, this Carnival P&O vessel signifies t

he beginning of the cruise season in Cantabria.

As the second cruise to dock in our port this season, the arrival of VENTURA marks a significant milestone for Santander’s maritime t

ourism industry. With a schedule that includes nine stops in our port throughout the year, VENTURA promises to be a frequent and valued guest in our coastal community.


engers aboard the VENTURA can look forward to a diverse range of excursion options tailored to showcas

e the beauty and charm of Cantabria. From panoramic tours of Santander to immersive experiences in Cabarceno Natur

e Park, Santillana del Mar, Santoña, and Comillas, there’s something for every traveler to enjoy.


The bustling atmosphere at the Port of Santander reflects the anticipation and excitement surrounding the arrival of each cruise ship. As VENTURA sets sail at 22:00, bound for its next destination, passengers and crew alike carry with them fond memories of their time spent exploring the picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Cantabria.

As we bid farewell to VENTURA, we eagerly await the arrival of future vessels, each bringing new opportunities for discovery and adventure. ????️????