Golf is one of the most widespread sports and tourist activities in Cantabria. The tradition of practicing this sport in the region and the fact that one of the great world golfers of all time, Severiano Ballesteros, was born in Cantabria, has contributed to the rise of this sport and the proliferation of courses located in natural settings. exceptional.

Mataleñas Golf Course with 9 holes is just in the city, but there are eight more golf courses in Cantabria.

The Real Golf de Pedreña, located in the east side of Santander bay (20 km), is one of the most popular courses of our region. This private 27-hole course has a rich history in the region. It was born in 1928, which makes it the second oldest golf course in the region, and it arose at the express wish of the then Queen Dª. Victoria Eugenia. Of the 27 holes, 9 were, in 1991, designed and built under the direction of his honorary partner, Severiano Ballesteros. Its strategic location, with impressive views of the Santander bay, and its centenary trees throughout the entire estate, make it an essential destination for golf and nature lovers.

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