Pas Valleys

The basins of the rivers Pas, Pisueña (Carriedo) and Miera are always green and perfectly fit the most spread stereotype regarding Cantabria: intricate valleys, pastures that fade away behind the hillocks in the mountains and people of reserved nature. These three contiguous valleys, until recently not interconnected by road—nowadays, driving around is not a problem, except when there are heavy snowfalls in winter—have long been connected via mountain passes of the same mountains that divide them, due to the transhumance practiced by their people, the “pasiegos”. The most important villages are Liérganes—whose older part has been listed as a historic-artistic ensemble, Villacarriedo and Selaya.

Canoeing in the Pas river

Only 10 kilometers from Santander, and with a total route of 8 kilometers where guests will pass through the spectacular dunes of Liencres upon arrival in Mogro. It is a quiet walk where guests can take a bath during the descent. Ideal route for groups who want to row without crowds of the typical descents of the area, highly recommended for families.