The Port of Santander kicked off the 2023 Cruise Ship Season with a triple stopover

It was with a triple stopover of the SIRENA, SH DIANA and LE BELLOT ships.

Similarly, a few days later, the Port received the visit of LE DUMONT DÚRVILL (30 April) and AMERA (1 May) cruise ships and as a finishing touch to these first days of the season, the stunning ship VENTURA docked in Santander on 8 May.

For the ships ‘SH Diana’ and ‘Sirena’ it was their first time in the Santander wharf, which is why their respective captains, Kai Ukkonen and Davor Ilijic, were given a commemorative plaque on the occasion of their first stopover in the Port of Santander.

The cruise ship SH Diana, owned by the Swann Hellenic cruise line, docked at the Maliaño Wharves 1-4 at 1 p.m. hours and 6 hours later sailed to the French port of La Pallice. The ship, with a length of 125 meters, brought 192 passengers and 140 crew members on board.

Elsewhere, the ‘Le Bellot’, owned by the Ponant company, made a brief stopover in the port and sailed for Bilbao, while the ship ‘Sirena’, owned by Oceania Cruises, with a length of 181 meters, 826 passengers and 373 crew members on board, docked at 7 a.m. at the Maritime Station and left the port at 5 p.m. bound for Bordeaux.

On Sunday, 30 April, the ‘Le Dumont D’Urville’, owned by the La Compagnie du Ponant cruise line, docked at the Maritime Station at 1 p.m. with 160 passengers on board, coming from La Coruña, and continuing the journey onto Bilbao.

Likewise, on 1 May, the ‘Amera’ ship, owned by the Phoenix Reisen cruise line company, made a stopover in the port with 835 passengers and 470 crew members on board. The cruise ship docked at the Maritime Station between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., coming from La Rochelle and bound for La Coruña.

Finally, on Monday, 8 May, the «Ventura» made a port of call. This ship already visited Santander 6 times in 2022 and has scheduled 6 stopovers this year as well. It would remain berthed at the Maritime Station’s Almirante Wharf from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The cruise ship, with a length of 288 meters, brought 2,800 passengers.

Twenty-eight occupied by passengers from all the cruise ships made excursions to the main tourist destinations in Cantabria, including Comillas, Santillana del Mar, Cabárceno, Laredo, Santoña or the city of Santander itself.