3 luxury cruise ships will dock this week in Santander

The first of the ships will be the “Hanseatic Nature”, from the Hapag Lloyd company. A luxury cruise with 89 passengers will arrive at Raos tomorrow.

On friday, for the first time in Cantabria, «Le Dumont d’Urville» and «World Voyager» will as well arrive.

The “Hanseatic Nature” cruise ship, belonging to the Hapag Lloyd company and consigned by Marmedsa, will dock tomorrow at Pier 5 in Raos. The ship, with a length of 138 meters, has 89 passengers from different european countries and 157 crew members on board.

El crucero, entrará en el puerto a las ocho de la mañana, procedente del puerto de Gijón y está previsto que lo abandone a las seis de la tarde con destino al puerto de Bilbao. Parte de los viajeros realizarán excursiones por la ciudad para conocer sus principales atractivos mientras que otra parte ha elegido visitar otras localidades como Santillana del Mar o el Museo de Altamira.

The cruise ship will arrive at 8 in the morning, coming from the port of Gijón and is scheduled to leave it at 6 in the afternoon destination Bilbao. Some of the travelers will make excursions around the city to discover its main attractions, while another part will visit other towns such as Santillana del Mar or the Altamira Museum.

El viernes el puerto recibirá la escala de dos cruceros que visitan, por primera vez, Santander. El primero, el “Le Dumont d’Urville”, pertenece a la naviera Le Compagnie du Ponant, atracará en el Muelle de Margen Norte a las 12 de la mañana procedente de La Coruña y pondrá rumbo a Bilbao a la 1. El buque, consignado por Marmedsa, tiene una eslora de 131 metros y traerá 70 pasajeros, en su mayoría norteamericanos y europeos, y 110 tripulantes.

On Friday the port will receive the scale of two cruise ships that will visit, for the first time, Santander. The first of them named «Le Dumont d’Urville», belongs to the shipping company Le Compagnie du Ponant, will dock at the «Margen Norte Dock» at 12 in the morning from La Coruña and will leave to Bilbao at 1. The ship, consigned by Marmedsa, has a length of 131 meters and will bring 70 passengers, mostly North Americans and Europeans, as weel as 110 crew members.

At 1 in the afternoon, the World Voyager cruise ship from La Coruña will arrive at the Maritime Station and will depart at 7 in the afternoon to Le Verdon. The ship, also consigned by Marmedsa and with 126 meters of length, will bring on board 115 passengers and 157 crew members.


Santander Cruise Deluxe, the brand created by the Government of Cantabria, the Santander City Council and the Port Authority to encourage this traffic and ensure that Cantabria consolidates itself as a cruise destination, works to attend each stopover with all the services that both, ships and crew,s in a clear example of institutional collaboration.

The cruise season in Cantabria will take place, according to forecasts, between the months of April and October with the visit of twenty cruise ships. The maximum capacity of these ships is 23,700 cruise passengers, although this may be reduced if restrictions on this type of traffic continue.

Santander, cruise destination.

The port of Santander is located in an area of ​​the Atlantic Arc that, traditionally, is called the «repositioning» of cruise ships, that is, the period in which they move from the Mediterranean area to the Northern Europe area or Caribbean. In fact, the routes that include the port are usually from Hamburg or the South of the United Kingdom to Lisbon, the French ports, or from South to North. They usually have a duration of 8 to 12 days and the average stay in port is 6 to 8 hours.