Ventura Cruise Ship Makes 16-Hour Stopover at Santander Port

The Ventura Cruise Ship, operated by P&O, recently made a 16-hour stopover at Santander Port, marking its sixth and final visit to this Spanish port city in 2023. Departing from Southampton and en route to Vigo, this massive vessel, measuring an impressive 288 meters in length, graced the Santander coastline.

With almost 3000 passengers on board, a majority of whom were British travelers, the Ventura Cruise Ship brought a bustling atmosphere to the city. To accommodate the influx of visitors, over 10 buses were scheduled to collect cruise-goers for a variety of excursions throughout the picturesque region of Cantabria. These excursions offered passengers the chance to explore the natural beauty and cultural richness of this part of Spain.

However, due to the convenient location of the Maritime Station, situated in the heart of Santander, many passengers opted to explore the city on foot. Strolling along the charming streets, enjoying the local cuisine, and taking in the scenic views of Santander’s bay provided an enriching experience for those who disembarked the Ventura.

As the sun set over Santander Port, the Ventura Cruise Ship bid farewell to the city, leaving behind fond memories and a desire for passengers to return and explore more of the Santander region on their next journey.